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Wind Mitigation Inspections in Sarasota, FL, and Bradenton

Sarasota wind mitigation inspections identify the wind-resistant features of a home, structure, or building. These Bradenton wind mitigation inspections were created to reduce the home insurance premiums of homeowners by crediting them for wind-resistant building features that mitigate the potential damage inflicted by a windstorm or hurricane. The primary concerns of Bradenton wind mitigation usually lie within the home’s structural integrity. One of the vital wind mitigation features of a building is the roof and its attachment to the walls.

Generally, the insurance discounts received after a Sarasota wind mitigation inspection are based on the assessment of the following seven features:

  • Building Code
  • Opening Protection
  • Roof Shape
  • Roof Covering
  • Roof to Wall Attachment
  • Secondary Water Resistance
  • Roof to Deck Attachment

*However, it is essential to note that the discounts available to you after your Sarasota wind mitigation inspection will vary amongst insurance companies and policies.

A Sarasota wind mitigation inspection can help you save money on home insurance premiums, and it can help protect your home from damage induced by harsh weather. Depending on your circumstances, Bradenton wind mitigation reports will be certified and valid for five years following the inspection. In Florida, insurance companies are required to reduce home insurance rates for homes that possess wind mitigation features that better protect the house against severe weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible for This Discount?

Single-family homes and multi-family dwellings may be eligible for the credits and discounts. Mitigation premium discounts are based on nine different credit points that a certified wind mitigation inspector can only determine.

What Is a Sarasota Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A certified wind mitigation inspector examines a property or home for specific features of a house that make it more resistant to high winds experienced during a hurricane or major storm. This inspection assesses all windows, roof geometry, doors, roof attachments, and more.

Do I Need a Sarasota Wind Mitigation Inspection?

In Sarasota, Florida, home insurance does not require a wind mitigation inspection. However, insurance companies are required to offer discounts to homeowners that have homes with wind-resistant features installed.

How Much Can I Save On Insurance?

Depending on where you live in Florida, you can save up to 70% on the “wind portion” of your total insurance premium. This can translate to hundreds of dollars a year and thousands over your lifetime. Contact your insurance agent to learn about how much you can potentially save.

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